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Every Saturday we select a photo from our Flickr pool to be featured on hearty

Julia Jones is a 32-year-old photographer from Sydney, Australia who has been  traveling the world with her boyfriend for the past 16 months. Before She left on this great adventure, Julia was working as a Production Manager for a post production house that dealt mainly with TVCs. Julia has traveled to South East Asia, Mongolia, Europe, Turkey, Croatia and Canada. "When I decided to go to Mongolia to do a solo trek, I thought I'd better learn how to ride a horse," Julia says. "I spent 6 months trying to figure out the basics of riding, and now have travelled the world riding horses in each country. I find places that have horses and animals and swap labor for bed and food. This usually means that you can live and "work" somewhere beautiful and remote and be around animals all day, without the need of a work visa."

Julia is now in Alberta, Canada on a horse ranch (obviously) that has almost 90 horses--mostly wild. She has been taking a lot of photos of cattle being branded and animals being lassoed. Julia is not sure yet where her next destination will be, but is thinking of getting a truck and deciding then.

Julia cameras of choice are a mixture of film and digital. The Polaroid 600, Polaroid Fuji Intsax 200 and any disposable camera. "Disposable cameras work better for me as I can drop them, get snow on them and take them when I ride and they still work." She also likes the Canon G7 and Canon SX220 point and shoot.

To see more of Julia's work and travels please check out her Flickr.

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