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Every Saturday we select a photo from our Flickr pool and feature it right here

Julia Tröndle is a 24-year-old photographer born in Austria and living in Weimar, Germany. "My photographs are mostly about the everyday life," Julia says of her retro style. "I always try to capture my objects in a very special, dreamy, and sometimes poetic way."

The photograph above is of a car that was parked in front of Julia's home. "It was a warm summer evening and I was about to head off to a short holiday-trip into the mountains but before I got into my own car I had to take a picture of this totally stuffed van. I remember that it looked kind of surreal - within this warm air in the middle of august combined with this atmosphere of departure I felt."

Julia's favorite camera is an Exa Ihagee Dresden, a very old analog single lense reflex device, which doesn't have it's own light meter. "I love the nostalgic touch on the photos the camera creates. I also never photograph with small apertures to get a vignetting effect which also leads to a nostalgic look."

To see more of Julia's work, please take a moment to check out her Flickr and her website.

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