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Every Saturday we select a photo from our Flickr pool to be featured on hearty.

Keith McArthur is not your average young photographer. Now a 28-year-old photographer, living in Michigan, Keith's interest in photography first started in high school. Keith went on to go to university for photojournalism, but left early to join the military as a photographer, where he was a still photographer and photo-scientist for a huge military aerial surveillance lab. Keith's military experience gave him unique technical expertise, and an education very few people typically receive in art school. After returning from duty, Keith  started working in the field doing doing full time medical and commercial photography for a large Detroit hospital system. He has been doing that since, spending his days between operating rooms and studio and location shoots.

The boy in the photo is Keith's son, Maverick. Keith says he doesn't really take a lot of pictures but always carries a camera on him just in case. That camera is usually a Contax G2, however he also uses a Contax T2, Yashica T4, or Nikon F3.

Keith truly loves film, especially the eager trips to the lab when he finishes a roll. Check out Keith's Flickr and website to see more of his work.

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