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Every Saturday we select a photo from our Flickr pool and feature it--right here

Lida Pavlova is a 19-year-old photographer from Moscow, Russia. Lida is currently studying art history and theory,  and plans to be an art curator after she graduates. The Russian photographer has a very laissez faire attitude when it comes to her images and often posts her pictures in different blog communities without claiming ownership. "I ask people to reblog some of them if they like any," Lida says. "And don't mind if they do it without putting my name or any link under them." Lida's camera of choice is the Canon EOS1. She prefers to use Kodak gold film because it's the cheapest, is always available and has great quality.

To see more of Lida's work, please take a look at her Flickr, blog and Tumblr.

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