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Every Saturday we select a photo from our Flickr pool and feature it right here

Nina Ahn is a 32-year-old photographer living in Seoul, Korea. The photo above is part of a portrait series of ordinary people. Her name is Woori Beon. "That day I took the photo is was her 27th birthday," Nina says. "So I bought a little cake for a surprise party and celebrated her birthday by the Han river. There were no lights so we just stood there watching the black waves of the river and walking on the wet sand. It was great moment even though we only met twice."

At the moment Nina is continuing to work on her portraits and plans to work on a plants and nature project. Nina's Camera's of choice are the Minolta x-700, Contax T2, and Hexar AF  and more recently the Canon AE-1.

To see more of Nina's work please check out her Flickr and her website.

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    Great shot, and a cool Flickr too.

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