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Every Saturday we select a photo from our Flickr pool to be featured on hearty

Scott W. H. Young is a photographer from Denver, Colorado. After spending some time away from home exploring different areas of the US, he has recently returned  to Colorado. Scott got into photography after first visiting  New York City in 2007. A place as vibrant and ever-changing as New York simply compelled him to record everything he could.

Scott's cameras of choice tend to be vintage 35mm Rangefinders. Currently Scott is working on a project which has been ongoing for many months and entails the search for new and different types of light. Scott hunts for different shapes and brightnesses of interior light that can be caused by windows, doorways, curtains, mirrors, or really anything that can create new and different ways of seeing light. 'Birdsong' (pictured above), in Scott's own words "Represents my pursuit of light. When I look at this photograph, I am immediately drawn to the bright blue-white light that illuminates the entire frame and renders a faraway dreamlike quality to the image. Overlaying the photo is a strange red light pattern, an effect of the film, that further creates a certain unreal effect to the scene. Then I look to the central element of the image, the light falling onto the bed at such an extreme angle and with such strong radiance. In so many ways this photo shows how light can be surprising and beautiful and astonishing and so naturally and simply sublime."

Scott's series of photos capturing light are truly beautiful. Check out his other work on both his flickr and his website.

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  1. Maria says:

    a wonderful feature! Scott is a light-genius

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