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Every Saturday we select a photo from our Flickr pool to be featured on hearty

Tanner Ballengee is a 22-year-old photographer living and studying in Topeka, KS. Photography has always been a passion, be he also enjoys writing. According to Tanner, they're perfect accompaniments to one another.

This photo is from a recent trip Tanner took to Tampa Bay, FL for the Tampa Am skateboarding contest. It's a self portrait in his hotel room. "The night before I had fallen while skateboarding late at night, popping my shoulder out of place," Tanner says. "Then next morning I was still very hurt and couldn't move my arm, so I made a sling out of a shoe string."

Tanner uses a variety of cameras, however his  favorites are the Olympus Stylus Epic, Yashica T4, and Konica Big Mini. The above image was shot with the T4. Tanner always has a camera on him and shoots as often as he can.

To see more of Tanner's work, please check out his Flickr and his blog.

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