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Every Saturday we select a photo from our Flickr pool to be featured on hearty

Tiffany Dawn Nicholson is a 27-year-old photographer from Chicago, Illinois. "I strive to take photos that capture femininity, youth, intimate moments and vulnerability," Tiffany says. The description matches this image above perfectly. This photo was taken of Tiffany's boyfriend (whom is often a subject her work) in the shower. "I am always mesmerized by the way the light looks in the bathroom so one day I decided to grab my camera."

Tiffany's camera's of choice are the NikonD300 and NikonN80 but she is hoping to get her hands on a YashicaT4 soon. Tiffany is always shooting and is  excited about her recent exploration with film again. Tiffany says, "it feels good to be back."

To see more of Tiffany's work please take a look at her website, blog and Flickr!

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