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When Jenny Gottstein and Jennifer Lyon were cleaning their offices at the BKLYN YARD they came across a bunch of crap they didn't need.  'Basically Jennifer Lyon let me create Score! so we could finish cleaning the damn place,’ Jenny Gottstein says. And one woman's trash is another woman's treasure, so (our version of) the saying goes. So, Jenny called up some professional clothing swappers, her friends Amy and Leslie.  '[Their] parties were the best, we’d all dress up, eat cupcakes, drink spiked punch and trade clothes, shoes, accessories.' Sounds good to us! Then they brought in Connie “the queen of organized chaos,” to organize what could be chaos. With the four ladies in charge, over 1,300 people showed up to the first event and it has been growing ever since.

So, maybe that set of shiny leggings wasn’t a good idea for you and that juicer --when you don’t even like vegetable juice--is something you could do without. But, don’t waste the stuff, instead trade it for stuff you want. New York's roaming pop-up swap, Score! will be taking place again this Saturday November 21, at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn. All proceeds raised will go to City Harvest. There’s free beer from 1-2pm (to help get rid of that hangover from Friday night). Clothing will be curated by Nisha Gopalan, the senior editor at Nylon. And guess what, hearty is helping sponsor the event!

We caught up with Miss Gottstein herself to get the scoop on Score! Join us Saturday to get rid of your crap and find new treasures.

3rd Ward // 195 Morgan Ave @ Stagg 1pm to 7 pm, $3 entry w/ RSVP donations accepted up until 5pm

Where did the concept for the event come from?

Easy. What's not to love about a "store" where everything is free?

What are some of the best and craziest items you have seen people give away?

The talking Homer Simpson wine bottle opener was pretty ill. I've seen folks walk away with a Betsey Johnson cocktail dress, brand new Nikes, and guitar distortion pedals. I scored a 1966 Brazilian samba /pop album on vinyl that I'm pretty crazy about.

What kind of stuff do you see the most of?

Clothes! Which is great because everything that doesn't get taken goes to charity.

How do people know they’re not just going to be getting crap?

The key to a good swap is enlisting those who have good taste. Our process for building Score! was pretty self-serving: we asked ourselves "whose closets would we like to raid?” and then we made those people the hosts or department curators. They have the ultimate control over what donations get displayed. They bring the quality control.

What’s the drink of choice at the event?

In keeping with the Score! theme, we are giving away free beer from 1-2pm. But if you want brunchy mixed cocktails, we’ll have those as well.

Why do you always do it at different locations?

The beauty of a roving pop-up swap is that the experience is totally impermanent. You only get one chance to be at the right place at the right time.

Where does the David Haselhoff obsession come from?

What’s not to love? His piercing gaze, his hairy chest, his dedication to waterfront safety.

But above all, we believe Hasselhoff embodies the true spirit of Score! When David fell out of favor with American audiences, he was discovered and cherished by fans in Germany. Similarly, the purpose of this event series is to redistribute things to where they are most appreciated.

Is there anything people should be leaving at home, or maybe throwing in the trash (ie stuff people aren’t allowed to trade)?

Sure. Most people know this already but it doesn't hurt to repeat: Opened healthcare products (shampoo, mascara, lotion, etc), broken or dirty items. We don’t want that, thanks.

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Clothing & Accessories (Guys, Gals, Kids) - curated by Nisha Gopalan (senior editor, Nylon Magazine)
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Art Supplies - curated by Lowbrow Society For The Arts
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