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We can go on and on about how much we heart Bijules but…we kinda already have. So let’s just talk about how much we love her new fine jewelry collection, Scream and Spirit. Drawing inspiration from dark vampire hunters and mixing it in with a taste of royal African insignia, Jules launches her solid gold bone collection. (Just in time for Halloween.) Who knows how many ladies out there (ahem, Yoshi!) will be topping off their vampire goddess costumes with the Wrist Ray bracelet.

Not only does this new collection add a twinkle to your fingers and wrists, but it also give a glimmer of hope to the Keep a Child Alive Foundation. 10% of total sales will be donated in support of their efforts and provide medicine and health care to families afflicted with AIDS. Support Bijules and support KCA.

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  1. SYlvia Hatred says:

    Bones Brigade!

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