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E-flux has opened its doors to an exciting project with Time/Bank called Time/Store: an anarchist institution where patrons exchange time and skills for goods and favors. (Nothing perverted though.)

Each transaction allows you to request, offer and pay for services in "Hour Notes," the official currency of the Time/Bank, which work as credits in half-hour, one hour, six, twelve, and twenty-four hour increments. (Snazzy note design by: Lawrence Weiner.) It's hard to believe this operation would run successfully, but the listings seem to have surprising value and the store is stocked with everything from books to food, art, electronics, tools, and clothing. Every Saturday between 2-6pm, Time/Store picks through items you may want to sell.

*FYI most members are artists. Exploit this.

Time/Store: 41 Essex Street, NYC. Tuesday - Saturday 12-6pm.

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