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We don't care how silly they are we're totally into Silly Bandz (plus, being silly is totally the point). Our little nieces and nephews introduced us to the trend and now we can't stop. A rabbit, a milkshake, a guitar, even a mermaid, there's a silly band for everyone. Plus, you can  make some new friends (new way of networking) trading the bracelets. Silly Bandz are like the modern day Pogs and we have a feeling this trend is just getting started.

Our favorites include the SillyALPHA, SillyPRINCESS, SillyFANTASY and SillyROCK. Check 'em out below.

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  1. Faith Bands says:

    It’s so interesting how this trend exploded like it did. We created Faith Bands—inspirational bandz based on Bible stories and biblical themes. We currently have 14 different sets of inspirational Faith Bands. We also have eight sets of general market bands (animal shapes, automobiles, etc.) because the demand is so great. We’re constantly adding more unique bandz designs to our already rare inventory.

    We created these bandz as a way for people to share their faith. Swanson Christian Products—the company that created Faith Bands—has been in business for over 75 years as a Christian product wholesale distributor.

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