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Just six steps away from the release of the Six Degrees for Sebago project

The idea behind "six degrees of separation" is that we are all connected an average of six steps away. So whether it's Bill Clinton or  Lady Gaga, six connections away and you're watching Netflix together on a Sunday afternoon. Sebago's upcoming Six Degrees project rests on that same notion, with a lot less hanging around in your underwear and a little more work.

The Six Degrees project brings together one brand and five influential women from around the globe, who represent some of the world’s most dynamic cities: San Francisco, New York, Paris and Berlin. Mdot of booji. Our very own, Hana May of hearty magazine. Sandrinette of Color Me Goood. And Mayra Fateh and Michal Tesler of Eve Without Adam. Though these women are geographically far apart, brining the wide rang of personalities together unveiled they were all connected.

See the teaser video for Sebago's Six Degrees project below.

Just sixº away... from six degrees on Vimeo.

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  1. Alisha says:

    Looks very promising! Excitement all over!!

  2. […] is having a carnival this weekend to celebrate their 15th birthday party. We have a fun Six Degrees for SEBAGO booth there. If you happen to be in Paris go and visit. […]

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