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One day her David Bowie will come

It is very much known that Tilda Swinton, is in fact, a living work of art with her skeleton frame and androgynous chopped blonde cut. After debuting as a muse to similarly coiffed David Bowie in his video for "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)," Swinton has taken a more direct role in artistic direction.

The actress is sleeping at MoMa in a glass box in a performance piece entitled "The Maybe" perhaps because of the spontaneity of the work. Though the museum is in on the art, the staff don't know on which day Swinton might make an appearance. The box itself is completely see through containing only a mattress, the actress and jug of water and it doesn't look particularly comfortable for a 5'11" beanstalk.

The MoMA installation, which will happen six more times before the year is up, is actually the second incarnation of the work. In 1995, Swinton lay completely still with eyes closed in an identical chamber for seven consecutive days, eight hours a day in London's Serpentine Gallery as a "contemporary Sleeping Beauty."

We want to know if she really gets any sleep in there amidst the poking eyes. Check it out.

Found via: Gothamist

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