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Confused Gurl was worried 'Tim :)' didn't seem quite into this convo...?

If you're not quite sure that a text that says "I'm just not that into you" means a guy is just not that into you (he could be playing mind games or kidding or lying?!) there is a now a site where you can direct your hours of sms-scrutinizing. allows real life girls to submit texts to a panel of jurors (the general public) to decide if a) he's into you, b) he's not into you or c) the verdict is still out.

There's even a sidebar of "bros" to help you out in the situation you're not positive what that "okay" is implying (real life post, we are not making this up). If you're cringing with us at some of the more oblivious gals, you can at least visit the page to make yourself feel better about the lack or abundance of smileys in your own virtual world. Or wreak havoc on these girls emotional stability with a "he's not into you" button massacre. JK, that's cruel.

Check out some of the texts below.

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  1. Jess Bloom Jess Bloom says:

    this is so so crazy

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