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Introducing our new blogger So Super Sam with a Q + A

Photos by: Taylor Okata

Our new blogger comes to us all the way from California. Literally. Recently leaving behind her tacos and fruit stands, Samantha Duenas aka DJ So Super Sam has joined us out here in the rotten apple. We welcome her to the city and also to our team of hearty bloggers and look forward to reading her posts which she promises will have a lot to do with cheese. We like cheese.

Get to know our new super blogger via some super questions in our Q + A with So Super Sam below. Check out her blog on the regular. Stay tuned for an upcoming playlist from her.

Tell us what is so super about Sam:

"I'm all that and then some! Short, dark, and handsome!" No I'm just sort of an amalgamation of different interests put together neatly in a fun-sized package that I like to call "so super".

How and when did you start DJing?

I started DJing 3 years ago when a friend of mine was selling his set up for a really really really, I mean really good price. My mentor, DJ Remitch, lent me a bunch of vinyl and I haven't looked back since. The very first 2 records I ever blended together were "Free" by Deniece Williams into "I Like It" by Debarge.

What's been your biggest gig so far?

My biggest gig so far was playing for a sold out Terminal 5 NYC, where I opened for rapper Childish Gambino. It was BEYOND!

What's been your favorite gig so far?

Ahhh I have so many favorites! One that stands out is the night I played at U31 in San Diego for a Hellz "Ladies Night" party. It was one of those magical nights where every song hit with the crowd for 90 minutes straight. DJs live for those nights.

How do you normally respond to the question "Will you play [INSERT ANNOYING SONG HERE]?"

"The DJ after me said he was going to play it!"

Top 5 favorite fashion brands:

Rachel Comey, Proenza Schouler, Clare Vivier, Phillip Lim 3.1, Something Else

When and why did you leave L.A. for N.Y.?

I moved to NY a month ago because I heard they have a crazy halal cart scene! And to fulfill my lifelong desire to one day live in NY. I've always wanted to live in NY, and I was lucky enough to get my chance! I love it!

What do you miss the most about L.A. besides like important things like family and friends?

I miss taco trucks and fruit carts. I know I'm going to miss watching Laker games on TV. I don't love driving, but I have a few favorite streets that I'll miss driving down: Rossmore, 6th St between Highland and Wilton, Westwood Blvd. between National and Pico.

What's been your favorite discovery in NY so far?

I've discovered that I secretly enjoy when my ears pop on the L train between 1st Ave and Bedford. Is that weird?

Favorite place in NY to do preparation for our upcoming playlist (aka drink)?

I haven't been out to too many bars yet, but I really liked this bar Larry Lawrence in Williamsburg. I'll do more exploring in the coming months and get back to you on that.

On the rocks or straight up?

Rocks steady baby.

What can we expect form your hearty blog?

A lot of photos of white rooms, detailed raves about cheese, and a running chronicle of songs that get stuck in my head.

Anything else?

Hearty har har!

Read So Super Sam's blog here.

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