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Follow your finger! Press play and see how The Social Media Sobriety Test works.

How many times have you woken up regretting that you friend requested some person you barely know, posted a smarmy, mean comment on your ex's wall or worse tweeted something regrettable? Everyone has. These days, drunk social networking may be more lethal than drunk texting, and now there is a way to stop these mortifying slip ups. WebRoot has created The Social Media Sobriety Test, a program for your computer that requires you to complete a series of sobriety tests before you can log on. Just like a road test, you have to make it through all the bells and whistles before you can type, "Yr a stu*ipid d(ickheadd" on someone's wall. The best part? If you fail, The Social Media Sobriety Test program automatically updates your status for you: "Dan is too intoxicated to post right now."

Via: Thought Catalog

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