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Hey NYC! Your Wednesday night just got soft

We caught wind (read: saw social media updates) of a new party launching this week: 2 girls. All vinyl. No weirdness. All equal. All fun. And a possible booth that looks like a vagina. Sounds like our kind of night! So we went straight to the source to find out more.

Tonight, hearty friend DJ NELLeeNELL will be kicking off Soft Opening, a new night at Lit in NY with DJ JR, where "outfits and freedom vibes are encouraged." You can also expect confetti and candy to be flying out of the booth all night long. We caught up with NELLeeNELL a.k.a. Nelleke Mccowan to talk about the feminine booth, what kind of vinyl gems she'll be pulling out and what sort of "outfits" to expect.

hearty may have some more things in the works with Soft Opening (wink wink) so make sure you check back for updates. And be sure to follow @NELLeeNELL and @JERRYBAIT on Twitter!

When did you start DJing?

About 3 yrs ago.

What kind of vinyl gems will you be pulling out?

JR has a ton of really great old 45s-soul-rock-oldies-dance. I have a bunch of funky disco dance soul LPs.

How extensive is your vinyl collection?

I have tons of records that I buy just for one great song. I can do a 6 hour metal night, disco night, hip hop/rnb night, rock n roll night. Whatever, I love it all. I just want people to have fun and obviously DJing a dance party is the best, Which is what wednesdays are all about--danceable+fun music.

What kind of outfits are you hoping people will show up in?

I want people to just be comfortable. Wear jeans and a t-shirt or put on something crazy. I want a party where you can go all out and nobody will judge you for 'trying too hard.'  I love it when people get extra creative, weird or sexy. It's awesome!

Will you and JR be dressed up as well?

Um, yeah. I got some cool stuff when I was in Miami last week and we were saying that this is a good opportunity to wear wild outfits. JR always wears cool shit.

Why a vagina booth?

It's not necessarily going to be an exact vagina. It's just that I had imagined making--some sort of papery cocoon around the booth and since we called it Soft Opening, I thought I might as well make it pink. A pink cocoon is pretty vaginal. I dunno.

What's the main thing people will miss out on if they don't show up tonight?

Well, we really want to make this a special place for everyone to let loose this summer. So if a bunch of people come tonight and have a great time partying with us, the more people will believe in what we are doing and keep it rolling! No shitty attitudes. No boring repetitive music. Positive energy. I know people like to feel good. I wanna help facilitate that. Good party photos always help, too!

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