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Magic carpet rides and peace pipes from Somedays Lovin' for winter '11

While we're easing into summer, our southern hemisphere friends are suiting up for winter. Or suiting up for magic carpet rides around a gypsy campground while smoking a peace pipe, in the case of Aussie label, Somedays Lovin'. Yes, both the clothes and the lookbook are a veritable boho mix including Navajo leggings, "Johnny Guitar" hot pants and dresses in swirling Persian rug prints. The collection is primarily a heavy affair made up of velvets, knits and fur trim--but we're looking at the shorts and crop tops peppered among the ponchos. It might be winter for Somedays Lovin' but for the rest of us above the equator, we're ready to flash some skin.

Check out some of our favorite frames from the winter '11 lookbook below & watch the behind the scenes video on the Somedays Lovin' website.

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