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If you thought we'd miss the opportunity to partake in a 4th wave feminist meme, you don't know #HRTY

#SorryFeminists is a brilliant and hilarious meme that's become a forum for people to put stereotypes about feminists on blast. It's a product of T Magazine's newest Editor-in-Chief, Deborha Needleman, who tweeted, "The sexy (sorry, feminists), smart, sassy Katie Roiphe live on stage @nypl on Wednesday night. " She's calling out the idea that there is some kind of feminist hatred for sexiness. We know that's ridiculous, feminism is sexy. For everyone who is still afraid of the hairy-armpitted, BO-smelling, sex-hating, man-beating feminists from their nightmares, we hope you get it.

We put together a list of our very own #SorryFeminist jabs. Read them below and hit us with your favorites in the comments feed.

We paid for the Golden Pussy Package at Strip Ministry of Waxing. #SorryFeminists

Multiple orgasms. #SorryFeminists

We played Meek Mill "Amen" on repeat for a month. #SorryFeminists

We only read The Bell Jar once in college but we read the entire Hunger Games Trilogy in less than a week. #SorryFeminists

Talking about our periods isn't a bonding experience. Midol and move on with your day. #SorryFeminists

We cook banging meals in our clean kitchens. #SorryFeminists

Agent Provocateur is too expensive to burn. #SorryFeminists

Hey girl, your #FeministRyanGosling meme made him unappealing. #SorryFeminists

We think James Deen is onto something. #SorryFeminists

Rather be a bad bitch than a lady. #SorryFeminists #SorryLupeFiasco

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