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When your make-up routine is so rehearsed you can do it in the back of a cab with no mirror--not to mention after two cocktails--it’s time to shake things up a bit. Here are a few tricks to kick your cosmetic conundrum in the butt.

The Wide Eyed Innocent: Use more mascara and less of everything else. Try a few more coats than you normally do, avoiding clumping by using an eyelash comb or a cleaned mascara wand. Swipe on mascara on your bottom lashes holding the brush vertically.

The New Bedroom Eyes: Try some lip gloss on your eye lids. Use clear gloss. This will give your eyes an unexpected fresh look. Don’t forget the mascara with this one, bottom and top. This also works well over liquid liner--wait for the liner to dry then apply gloss.

The Sheer but Sultry: Don’t wear any foundation. Make sure you have thoroughly scrubbed and SPF moisturized your face. Use a bit of cream blush in addition to your usual eye make-up routine and use a lip stain.

The Eye Popper: Line your bottom lashes with a pop of color. Use a fine angled eye shadow brush and a colored eye shadow opposing your eye color. Go easy on the lips, choose a more subtle color.

The 3D Pout: First apply whatever shade of lipstick you feel like wearing. Dab some shimmer eye shadow on the center of your lips Dip one finger into your shimmer powder and apply in the center of your lips.

Tip: In order to give your new tricks the attention they deserve, try to mute down everything else in your routine to avoid creating an overly made-up look.

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