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Stolen Girlfriends Club's design team is made up of three male surfers from New Zealand, who probably lost a girlfriend or two. They titled their autumn/winter 2011 collection, Last Night's Party and it was inspired by that infamous morning walk of shame. Something that we definitely know nothing about...

As glamorous as it is grungy, we can't help but think these Kiwi chicks know how to party and they definitely don't put their style in any sort of a box. Maybe your vibe is more sweet than street, or maybe you like to bare it all when you're out on the town--no matter what, these clothes will work for you. Between the long socks, short skirts and spiked dog collars, Stolen Girlfriends Club  hits all the bases when it comes to dressing for your party persona or personas.

Check out some of our favorite styles from their lookbook below and head over to their website for a bigger dose. Oh, and here's a tip for the morning-after look: a clean face and pulled back hair makes it seem like you meant to dress this way for an 8am subway ride. Deodorant (steal his) doesn't hurt either.

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