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STPL re-release a mix by DJ Soul--on a tee shirt

A decade is a good long chunk of time, but sometimes, as the saying goes, time just flies by. Well, it's been over a decade (13 years to be exact) since DJ Soul created The Prescription mixtape for Staple back in 1999. To pay homage to the mix (and their long standing friendship) STPL is re-releasing the mix--but this time, on a tee shirt. The Prescription has been re-recorded for sound quality purposes, transferred onto a flash drive and then stitched onto a shirt, which features a graphic of three cassette tapes, that say across each tape: "This is Dedicated," "To the ones," "Who kept fronting."

To celebrate the release Jeff Staple will be DJing at Big Fun tonight along with DJ Soul, and hosts Hana May, Dice and Alexandra Estevez. Listen to "The Prescription" and check out the flyer below.

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