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Gavin McInnes (founder of Vice, and self-proclaimed "asshole") and Jason Goldwatch (Decon Media) team up to document one of the weirdest contests: The Movie Watching World Record. With McInnes as host, the film titled "Million in the Morning" follows 8 contestants as they try to stay up for 123 hours to view 57 movies breaking the world record for longest viewing time. The rules are no drugs, no blinking, no sleeping, just watching.

“When I first got invited to document this world championship, I jumped at the chance. I always wondered about the kind of person that could push themselves like that and I thought it would be fun to come as close as I could to matching them hour for hour…I remember hearing the Scottish band, The Jesus and Mary Chain say that not sleeping was their favorite drug. I’d wanted to try it – I mean, really try the shit out of it ever since."

- Gavin McInnes

Here are some outtake clips we found online, but purchase the DVD here so you can own it for yourself, and watch it on repeat for 123 hours.

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