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Nicki Minaj calls a bitch out and does Purikura for her video Stupid Hoe

Alright, you probably saw this already. But if you haven't, relinquish your next 2 minutes and watch it because it's worth it. Nicki Minaj released this video for her track "Stupid Hoe" this week and it went viral in about 2.5 seconds (aka why you've probably already seen it).  There's a lot of things that can be said about this video, but we're going to say five of them:

First of all, we want to say that girls calling other girls stupid hoes is whack. We're all for a good fight between two strong ladies but hoe on hoe violence has got to stop. Fight it out with specifics and banish slut shaming vocab from the dictionary.

Second, shout out to her embedded Super Bowl half-time performance commercial in the middle of the vid.

Third, Nicki needs to respect the fact that Lil Kim hustled with the big boys and walked a path way less beaten. We get a girl has got to sell herself and battling it out for number one is part of her swag, but come on. It's like Gaga calling Madonna a skeazy bitch. Show a little appreciation for the people that made it possible for you to get as big as you are.  It's not a secret that Nicki's style is the refined and photoshopped heir of Lil Kim's raunchy and colorful career. If you're going to use it, ride it, and build on it, don't bite the pussy that fed you your fame.  (Obviously Nicki and her PR team have never explicitly stated that this song is about Kim, but we all know the deal.)

Fourth, the color-blocked pastel make up is killer. You pair that with the big eyes and tiny frame that is characteristic of Japanese photo booths (Purikura) and you get one crazy anime Barbie--we dig.

Fifth, is it possible that Nicki uses an ass double for the cage scene where she's turned backwards for a 2-second booty popping cut? There's a similar frame in the A$$ video too when she's rubbing up on Big Sean. Just food for thought.

Enjoy this week's Track Meet: Nicki Minaj's "Stupid Hoe" above.

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5 Responses to “Track Meet: Stupid Hoe”

  1. Alisha says:

    Eh, the song and video is a’ight. I definitely would listen to “Rich Whores” by Kreayshawn before this. That’s the truth, truth! And how much did that guy get paid to plank on that Phantom?

  2. Hana May Hana May says:

    By that guy do you mean Diddy?

  3. Alisha says:

    That was Diddy? Wow, that kind of makes it worse. Oh well, can’t stop him from doing his thaaang.

  4. lilly beam says:

    The song suckks azz! nicki need 2 stick 2 her thang and quit using lil kim 2 make her career move. SHE’S actually the stupid hoe!. if u soooo boss Nicki, make songs that dont always jab at Kim. makes u look stupid and like u have nothing else 2 talk about. Really u should stop now and let kim be kim, which is the ruler of this thang. oh, and nicki its easy 2 b “the one” when there is nobody in the game. Kim will always do it better that u. and if eve, trina, and foxy were active right now, u would get ur azz kicked over and over again on the mic…..those were just 2 name a few, there r many greater than u and u wont b hard 2 beat buy any new comer. IM WILLIN 2 BET THAT !

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