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We chat with SuChin Pak about her (and the Hester Street Fair) going out West

It's likely you'll catch SuChin Pak on a plane from New York to Los Angeles or vice versa. The TV news correspondent, who is most well known (and loved by us) for her appearances on MTV, has moved from New York to California, but can't seem to stay away for too long. "I’m in New York all the time," Suchin says. "When I say move it’s like without a capital M." As one of the founders behind the Hester Street Fair, an outdoor community market that focuses on small, independent businesses and artists specializing in unique handmade goods and artisanal food in the Lower East Side of New York City, one would imagine moving away would be problematic. But not for SuChin--she is taking the fair with her.

Like the breasts, everything about the Hester Street Fair will be bigger in L.A. The fair will run throughout the summer as four differently themed events starting with the Bite Size Food and Craft Festival June 2 from 11am-7pm. Then it will be the Hollywood Indie Night Market on July 7, the Indie Designer Market on August 18 and the Good Night Hollywood Blvd. Music and Craft Festival on August 25. But not to worry New York, like SuChin, the fair hasn't left us for good.  

Read our interview with SuChin Pak about the launch of the Hester Street Fair out west, New York vs. L.A. and her new retail location in Manhattan below.

Where are you based right now?

I’m out in LA now. I just moved out here in the beginning of the year-ish.

Is that why the fair is going out there as well?

Yeah, I mean, that’s definitely the biggest reason obviously, because logistically that makes a lot of sense. But my brother is also one of the founders and partners of the market out in New York, he’s out there. We grew up in northern California. California is sort of home to us so it seemed that if we were going to go anywhere outside of New York it would definitely be somewhere in California.

The one in New York, it’s still happening right?

Yeah, we have the market that’s there every Saturday. We’ve got a new night market going up and then we have our first retail outlet going up in New York in the next couple of weeks

A retail outlet, where’s that going to be?

It’ll be in Midtown, It’s on the corner of 29th and 6th Avenue, its attached to the Eventi Hotel, right around the corner from the Ace hotel. So yeah, we’re opening up our first retail shop. Fingers crossed, I’m not sure how that’s going to go.

It seems like you get more space with everything out in California.

Yeah it’s kind of insane, it was the first time I asked “Is this too much space?”


“How are we going to build this?” so it turned up to be this crazy souped up version of New York, where we’re like lets put in a kids interactive area, and slides, and a carnival and a beer garden! It’s crazy, it’s a super caffeinated version of what we do in New York, which is edit down every little corner space, like “what can we do with this tiny little corner of the grass here, maybe Yoga class for two people?”

I’ve been to the one in New York and I noticed it’s a lot of local designers, people that are sort of rooted in the city, are the people that you’re finding in California that same sort of vibe?

Yes, totally, Los Angeles itself has as strong of a community as Brooklyn as far as DIY goes and this handcrafted movement. Between Venice, Silverlake, Eagle Rock, and Echo Park, there’s already a very established community here that gets it and for us to be able to tap into that, it was kind of a no brainer. It was already here so, so why not give them more opportunities to sell and be able to do what they love to do. There’s just no shortage of local designers and food entrepreneurs, which really represent what the creative community in Los Angeles is about.

It sort of seems like LA is having this artistic music boom in a sense.

Yeah, totally. I was kind of surprised, I was not expecting that. When we put this together we were like, “What should our last thing be? A food festival?” We’ve done that a million times, we know it’ll work it’ll be fun. Maybe a giant barbeque, but then we we’re like wait a minute, we just got so many requests and we just realized that the music community out here is just intense. I don’t know if it’s because of the affordability of living, I’m not sure, but I didn’t know LA had such a strong indie music scene, it’s really like you said. I don’t know if it’s a thing that’s come back again or if it’s been around for a while, or if I just never noticed it or tapped into it.

Yeah, It’s interesting. I keep hearing more and more about artists who have studios or loft space out there or all these bands that are coming from there.

Yeah, trying to capture that. I always say for us we’re always kind of, I mean…It’s just a parking lot, you know what I mean?

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