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You can just feel that animated breezeee.

Inspired by children's theater, Christelle de Castro conceived the concept for Suno's playful spring/summer 2013 campaign video. It began almost one year ago and she saw to fruition, as the director and producer, her biggest "baby" yet. "Suno is a very playful brand," Christelle told hearty. "I really wanted to take it there with this one."

Suno created a colorful 2D world for its clientele with props (actual popcorn was taped to the back of the cardboard version?!) and poppy backgrounds appropriate for a photo studio display. The video is a "day in the life of" a 1980's Suno Barbie. The music video is complete with neon bolts of squiggles and zigzags.

Christelle was also instrumental in sourcing music from Dev Hynes, AKA Blood Orange, and his track "Forget It" is featured in the video. This was a vital step to impart the right vibes. de Castro's main goal for her very merry masterpiece? To spread the Suno spirit. "I think if the audience is smiling, that's very Suno."

Watch the Suno s/s '13 video below.

SUNO SS13 Brand Video - Official from Christelle de Castro on Vimeo.

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