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A preview of what’s to come from your favorite brands, captured at PROJECT

To put it simply, Super sunglasses are just that--they're super. With quality Carl Zeiss lens glass, these pretty shades are handmade in Italy then packaged in some fantastically designed boxes for your viewing pleasure--double entendre intended. Their spring '12 includes a series of glasses that makes us like what they're are up to even more. These peepers have all the flair of true vintage. Light lime green, dusty blue, and washed-out pink captures eighties goodness and that cool kaleidoscope effect on the inside doesn't mean you're having sunstroke--Super re-appropriated vintage postcards for the frames' interior decor.

Check out a first look at some of Super's spring '12 sunglasses below.

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  1. Alisha says:

    I actually wouldn’t mind just having some of the boxes.

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