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SUPER delivers a second installment of their Visiva series of shades. Hallelujah.

When an object is incredibly well-designed, you can't help but stare at it for longer than usual. That's how we feel on the regular when SUPER drops their glasses for us to behold. We stare, we get heart palpitations, because everything about them is always on point. The only problem with this sunglass line is it's nearly impossible to choose a favorite.

The redux of SUPER's much-adored Visiva series landed this week--a continuation of their printed tribute to vintage postcards, scientific illustrations, and tropical-themed photography of the '70s and '80s.

The series works like a choose your adventure. There's a sepia-toned school of tropical fish, a palm-tree shaded pool bottom matched with blueish green lenses, and an umbrella-decorated shoreline with deep ocean blue glass. So what will it be for you this summer--the poolside, beachside, or under the sea?

It's a tough choice to make. Peep the SUPER Visiva series below.

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