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...a Drum Kit. Part III in our live blogging from SXSW music festival

We're sitting outside the Delta Millworks with the sun coming down beside the fire pit around Texas dust and free beer. Earlier today, Beach Fossils swooned us with their dream-punk, and after tacos, we splayed out in the sun and watched some skateboarding on the Thrasher mini-ramp.

The day before yesterday, the SXSW Thrasher Party kept us on our feet for hours and hours with a heavy line up: Grave Babies, Bare Wires, White Fence, Thee Oh Sees, and the K holes. We are currently living through an entirely unofficial SXSW experience, the one where small, amazing bands pay for their own flights, tickets, and their own houses, just to be near this festival. Their dedication is so sincere and amazing. And believe us, there's no need for a badge to be seeing some of the best music around. Free, free, free.

We know you've just read Thee Oh sees feature here on hearty (and if you haven't get to it). Thee Oh Sees' show is an impossible one to miss in these dusty streets, their viral sounds are infectious, loud, and not a single person stays seated, whether it's noon or 2AM. We'll be seeing them again tonight, alongside a slew of rock n roll bands, all hosted by the amazing collective CMRTYZ our buds that are down here from Seattle.

Last night at Spiderhouse, we were in absolute heaven--a three house clusterfuck 8 stage mess, beside a swamp, surrounded by pop up vintage sales filled with stunning band tees, amazing accessories, and tons of western weirdness. Shopping after a few beers always leads to the best buys, and some serious bargaining. That was all to the sounds of Ketamines and Fungi Girls, who are most likely under-aged highschool boys who know how to rock. We were so stoked to see UK-based Spectrals, dreamy, date-rock with a firey frontman, who charmed our hearts.

So here we are again, between lumber stacks and heavy machinery. Another long night ahead of us. We can't wait till this fire pit gets going. We also chatted with Bosco Delrey by the poolside today in the downtown of Texas- look out for our interview 'cause it's coming soon!

hearts Kate + Aiya

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