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Live blogging straight from Austin for SXSW: Above Kate sitting between members of Ketamine and Dead Ghost

Kate skipped out to a show with A$AP Rocky (who played on a roof top, his face projected on Texan government building walls), Mobb Deep, and Raekwon accompanied by GZA on stage. It's up for debate who was more wasted between the two of them. By that we mean GZA  and Kate. It was hard to get her up this morning, let alone find her through the mass amounts of crashed out party kids on the blow-up mattress party that is our floor.

Next year, if you want to see good music, go lurk the Spider House. Which we hung around again today. With basically over fifty bands a day , it's crucial that you end up there. Bosco Delrey played on a stage (Taco fueled interview to come), beside Chains of Love, beside White Fence. What a party.

So here we sit Vodka Lemonade. The ideal way to pass the time, sitting in a parking lot behind Austin's legendary venue Emo's, waiting for the free Spits & The Gories show. Are we really about to see these bands for free? Yeah, we'd be jealous too. We've lost half our 16 people crew, but it really doesn't matter, we'll all end up here. "How much vodka did you buy Neaqeah?" asks Kate. "A two six." Shouts Neaq."How are we gonna finish that?" Oh man, we'll let you know if we survive. YOLO.

hearts Kate + Aiya

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