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We'll be live blogging from SXSW over the next week or so. VOL. 1: CACTUS TECATE THUNDERSTORM.

We watched the sun come up over Dallas, Texas at 5AM. Red eye flying ain't easy. After one more short hour long flight, we landed in Austin. We all passed out cold on that one--hungover from sneaking a bottle of red wine onto the first leg. Last row, last class. It's pouring and thundering outside the airport. Luckily, before two hauls off a cigarette, a lovely San Antonio girl pulled up in a Chevy SUV and offered us a ride to our new home. She liked Kate's jacket, so lucky for us. Always wear sparkles. Our house is a luxury shack on a dirt road off another barren road, and we are wondering how all ten or more of us will fit. It's freezing, we only brought shorts, we're sleep deprived and hungry, but it'll all get figured out after this 18-pack of Tecates. YOLO.

hearts Kate + Aiya

Photos by: Brock Watson

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