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Flowers everywhere in SZA's debut video for her song "Time Travel Undone"

SZA (pronounced Sosa) likes her flowers unique. The New York-based singer's video for "Time Travel Undone" is filled them--florals like Milk Thistle (her birth flower), three varieties of tiger lilies and white oleanders. "If a guy had the forethought to show up with any of those three and not daisies or roses I'd be stunned," she says.

For the video SZA wanted something to express herself as much as possible but "magnify it." Growing up in the suburbs between St. Louis, Missouri and Maplewood New Jersey, at one point she lived on a quarter acre with a huge back yard. "My mom was in the garden every day pruning and trimming and teaching me how to be a little botanist," SZA says. "I fell in love with plant life and exotic flowers and found a connection the different varieties especially the poisonous ones."

When she wasn't hanging in her garden, she was listening to a lot of jazz like John Coltrane and Mile Davis, which seeped it's way into her new song. "Time Travel Undone" is a smokey and sultry piece of work, she describes a result of "an excess of vices, jumbled thoughts, and an empty studio at 4 a.m."

SZA is currently working on her debut EP See.SZA.Run. Until then watch her video for "Time Travel Undone" below.

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