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It's no secret that indoor tanning isn't exactly awesome for your skin. Remember when the American government tried to introduce a 10% tanning tax to the American Health bill to provide the non-tanners with medical care? Up in Canada, they have health care so it's not so much about taxing but more about warning the little ones not to fry up so fast.

A new advertisement from the Canadian Cancer Society showcases mopey, young woman sticking their arms and hands into toasters to transform into red-skinned little darlings. It has been noted that the Canadian government wants to make a law to ban tanning for people under the age of 18.

Kyle McInnes over at Street Carnage commented that if the Canadian government had their way, we'd be at the beach in veils. A little extreme, dude. Maybe they just love sunscreen? What do you think of this ad?

Spotted on Street Carnage

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