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Anne Slowey, editor of Elle magazine and crusader for the Tavi Backlash, posted a blog today to clear up her previous Tavi bashing. It seems that Anne believes that her quotes were misinterpreted when taken out of context. She also defended the quizzical nature of her statements.

On Elle's website Anne wrote the following:

"As for her writing, I personally have no information as to whether it is or isn’t her own or whether she edits it herself. I’m not the first person to discuss this, and there is nothing wrong, mean, or hateful in addressing the question. And I’m sure Tavi would agree. I don’t recall ever saying she had a “Tavi team,” but I have heard others say it. Regardless, it’s the gist of what people are talking about, and that’s what Amy and I were discussing."

Anne also said that perhaps some of the discomfort people feel regarding Tavi's age has something to do with protecting the young fashionista from the evil's of the "image-based industry" of fashion. Anne closes her short piece by reminding her readers that questions and critique are a part of fascination. She was just questioning things that everyone has been questioning. Anne acts optimistic, but the blog feels like it was typed through clenched teeth. "I’m sure her style and thoughts would work wonders at CERN. In another ten years or so." Ten years, when Tavi is twenty-three. But not now.

Check out Anne's post at Elle

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