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The blogger formally known as Style Rookie aka Tavi Gevinson launches her much awaited new online magazine, Rookie

Tavi Gevinson is a 15-year-old fashion blogger who blew up like one of those grow-in-water creatures: freaky fast for its size. In the last two years, Gevinson has become not just a famous teenage blogger, but a style icon, respected entrepreneur and well, celebrity. Her mission? To create online media, real, authentic and smart online media for teenage girls. Her answer? Rookie.

Gevinson launched her much awaited site today, which holds an interesting staff from bigwigs like Ira Glass of This American Life, Jane Pratt, Hannah Johnson and Elizabeth Spiuridakis to regular teenage girls. The teens may be cheaper staff members, but equally important, however, what kind of investors do you think Rookie has to pay the high profile culture critics? Drawing inspiration from Sassy, fanzines and personal blog posts, Rookie aims to share experiences.

In a recent interview with New York Magazine, Gevinson took note of the one thing most adults are harping about:

"And people are like, "But is Tavi the average American girl or not?" But there are some things that are just universal amongst teenage girls, and I don't mean, like, slumber parties. I mean something like when you first start noticing other people noticing your body, that is a weird experience and is part of every culture somehow. I also don't think the average American teenage girl really exists, I just think that there are shared qualities and experiences."

The Village Voice argued that Rookie is getting more attention from adults and their established publications, than its intended audience. However, Gevinson's Editor Letter has 62 comments written mostly by teenage fans. Rookie seems like a promising publication and we think it's pretty smart they post three times a day: after school, after dinner and before bed.

Check out Rookie here and see for yourself.

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