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Tavi landed a role in Nicole Holofcener's upcoming feature film

From fashion blogger to film star, Tavi Gevinson makes an unprecedented jump onto the big screen. The currently untitled movie, written and directed by Nicole Holofcener, casts the 16-year-old as a precocious only child named Chloe. She plays a supporting character to a divorced middle-aged couple trying to get their lives back on track.

This movie doesn't look like the dreamy indie flick we'd expect Tavi to be attracted to. It stars a handful of A-list actors including Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Toni Collette, Catherine Keener and James Gandolfini. Holofcener's previous credits also include a lot of mainstream TV shows like Parks and Recreation, Gilmore Girls and Sex and the City. She did, however, direct episodes of 90s Canadian teen drama Ready or Not, which might have caught Tavi's Twin-Peaks-Virgin-Suicides-y attention.

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