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Ed Templeton's new body of work, Teenage Kissers is a call to those awkward first romantic moments

Few things in this world carry the awkwardness, hesitation and ambiguous magic of a young teen's first kiss. But Pro skater and contemporary artist, Ed Templeton's Teenage Kissers conjures those experiences through a series of raw images. The work is being shown in an exhibition in New York, with a book release from publishing house Seems of the same title. The kissers might serve as a follow-up to the book of photography Templeton released in 1999, Teenage Smokers. Aaron Rose, who wrote the text for Teenage Kissers is careful to point out that Templeton began shooting these photos before the barrage of gritty, sexualized candid photography was circulating rapidly through tumblrs and blogs.  He writes,

...The photographs are, in many ways, beyond innocence...The basics of our sexual lives are reflected back to us in these images…and no matter how many times we see it, it cannot be denied that there’s a little “Teenage Kisser” in every one of us.

Co-curated by Arty Nelson, Teenage Kissers opened at Half Gallery on June 23 and will be on display until July 25. See more teens kissing below.

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