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You & Me, The Royal We, offers up the latest in temporary tattoos

You & Me, The Royal We is a design trio based out of Brooklyn, who give everyday items a sense of humor. It's sort of like the arty version of novelty store gag gifts--the concept is similar but the execution is much more refined. Their fascist killing pencils, for example, come in a screen-printed canvas satchel that completely reinvent your old HPs.

The team's newest product, Tattoos of Truth, is a set of temporary tattoos that celebrate a "uselessly cynical attitude toward self-expression." The banner around a sword confesses, "I cannot fight" and the Mom heart (pictured above) admits that you're not exactly attentive progeny.

Is it just us or has there been a bit of an influx in temporary tattoos lately? Could they be the latest version of the Lipstick Index? Times are tough--sometimes you have to opt for the peel 'n stick instead of the pricier poke 'n stick.

Check out the rest of the designs at You & Me, The Royal We's online store or at one of these.

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