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Erica Chan of Honestly...WTF?!'s mother-in-law, "lived on a mesa in Telluride, Colorado in the late 70's, making tepees and moccasins," and Erica's husband was actually raised in a tepee the first two years of his life! 30 years later, Erica's mother-in-law (who is an architect) built a 24-foot tepee (think of it as a guest house) on 60 acres of land. All of this gave Erica and her Honestly...WTF?! partner, Lauren Kolodny, the idea of teaching people how to make their own tepees. So on October 8, they will be hosting a three day tepee workshop in the Sierras of Northern California. Erica says, "I've sewn and erected a few tepees before and it is a wonderful experience!"

Even though most of us won't be able to make it to the workshop (it's in California and has a limit of 8 people) we can't wait to see the pictures Erica has promised us will be on her blog.

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