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Litill Terrarium

While taking care of a plant is relatively easy--a daily hello, a couple splashes of water and a nice petal rub every now and then--there's just no denying that owning your very own mini self-sustaining ecosystem sounds like way more fun! For those of you who remember making terrariums out of coke bottles in Grade 1 Science class, you may be surprised the art form the terrarium has evolved to. Old jars from thrift stores make the perfect homes for these easy-to-make urban gardens and with a few key ingredients from your backyard you can have your very own built within no time. But since a lot of us city kids aren't within close proximity to dirt, we found some pre-made terrariums to fulfill your green needs.

Paula Hayes, a green thumbed goddess who believes in the power of crystals and that art exists only within that which is living. Her terrariums make you wish you would fall down a rabbit hole and stumble across a tiny bottle of potion that would shrink you small enough to crawl inside these glass enclosed wonderlands and live like a fairy queen.

We also love what Katie Goldman McDonald does with hand blown glass at her San Francisco based studio Botany Factory. Her Eggloo and Little Hanging Possum designs are so cute you just might find yourself trying to put them in your pocket.

And another notable company is Litill (meaning "little" in Icelandic) where they create exotic designs like "digür" and "phloam" reminiscent of Pingu the penguin hanging out in paradise.

Or make your own!

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  2. Jill Nanof says:

    They are so beautiful!! There is another company I believe just starting out making gorgeous terrariums…found them on line… is their blog. Check them out!

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