News__ Terry Richardson Gets Topless

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"Hey [insert models name here] it's Terry Richardson calling. How are you? Pink eye! Weird. So anyways, Pierlli wants to do this calender with a group of beautiful women like yourself. Um, yeah I'm getting Niko and Ana in there of course... No...I know, but you had to expect that Daisy was going to come along....I promise you won't have to stand next to her, okay? Big picture [insert models name here] just think about it: we'll go out to some tropical place, grab a bunch of wheel barrows and birds and shit, take our tops off and shoot a few rolls. You in? Yeah, yeah I'll bring goats milk. Great! See you in a few. Ta."

How could anyone say 'no' to Terry?

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2 Responses to “Terry Richardson Gets Topless”

  1. charlotte says:

    hahahahha seriously…

  2. Kenza Kenza says:

    must be the receding hair line or those malicious looking sideburns…

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