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Put some texture on it?

Seeing as we'll try basically any topcoat that promises "high gloss shine" or a "flawlessly shiny finish," we're immediately wary of the new crop of polishes that offer texture with essentially no shine. Similar to when matte topcoats came out, we're conflicted. Are we ready to cheat on shine with gritty texture? Will the finished product ever really look finished or will baristas and bank tellers everywhere think we've come from a botched home improvement job? Decide for yourself.

Here are a couple of options for getting textured tips.

1. Sally Hansen's Sugar Coat (around $5.99 at most drugstores)

The brand's website describes this as "Candy for your nails!" We're not convinced that's what the final product looks like on the nails but the marketing, including the shade names, is pretty darn cute. It's categorized as a special effect polish that dries to a surprising matte finish with a sugary 3D effect. Sugar Coat comes in 8 mostly sweet shades, with the line-up including a white and a black.

Shades pictured: Cherry Drop and Bubble Plum

2. China Glaze Texture (around $7.00 at beauty supply stores, online and at select salons)

This polish has a fine sandy texture as opposed to a sparkly grit, the likes of which we've seen lately from brands like OPI. There are 6 bright, super summery shades to choose from and the outcome looks similar to Sugar Coat--matte and gritty, similar to stucco.

Shades pictured: Unrefined, Itty, Bitty & Gritty, and Bump & Grind

3. Zoya PixieDust Special Textured Summer Edition (around $9.00 at beauty supply stores, online and at select salons)

The brand's website describes this polish as "Infused with magic and wonder!" Magical nail polish?! The polish is textured, matte and sparkling, decidedly the more glittery option amongst our textured polish selections. There are 6 shades available this summer in a mostly bright and cheery palette. There is a golden shade in the mix (the wild card of the bunch) that reads more Christmas holiday than beach vacation. But what's with all the Knowles' family references?

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