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Who wants to shampoo, condition and blow dry every day? Not us. And besides, didn't our hair dressers say that it wasn't good for our hair to be constantly cleaned? So, instead of wasting precious time watering the grease out of your locks, buy a bottle of dry shampoo and just cover the grease up. Dry shampoo is perfect for traveling, touring, over-sleeping before work or those of us who have better things to do than lather, rinse, repeat.

We put together a list of some of our favorite dry shampoo products. Check them out below.

Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder Black

This Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder Black, is a spray-on powder is perfect for those lazy, greasy girls with dark hair. Make sure you shake the bottle vigorously before spraying onto your hair--always hold bottle about 10 inches away--or else you will end up making your hair twice as greasy. This product is not for blondes, unless you're trying to home-job yourself a skunk head.

Keratin Complex Dry Shampoo

This dry shampoo smells like a dream and powders on easy. Be sure to shake your hair with your fingers to avoid clumping. Simple and fresh. A standard option to showering.

TRESemme Dry Shampoo Spray

This TRESemme Dry Shampoo Spray is the cheapest (drug stores sell it for around $4) and most durable dry shampoo out there. It will volumize your hair better than any high-end hair spray and lasts for days on end. Not to mention that the bottle seems to be endless.

Johnson's Baby Powder

Sometimes the best way to dry shampoo is the D.I.Y route. If you have bleached blonde hair and don't mind seeing your scalp turn white, Johnson's Baby Powder offers the best bang for your buck and smells like a freshly bathed baby. Who wouldn't want their hair to smell like a clean child?

LuLu Organics NYC Travel Size Hair Powder

We suggest the LuLu Organics Lavender Clary Sage scent. A little patchouli, but some of us are totally down with that.

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3 Responses to “Never Wash Your Hair Again”

  1. mimi says:

    I have the Tresemme one. Pretty sure I lost thousands of braincells each time I gave it a spray.

    I’m back ‘cleansing’ my bangs with good’ol Johnsons

  2. Mish Mish says:

    I love the TResemme one!

  3. Mira Mira says:

    Hah… You totally love the nose burn!

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