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Engineered by the twisted mind of Colin Hart, The Cheeky is our favorite new website to shop for nonsense. Although some of the more fabulous items are a bit out of our price range, a majority are affordable and quirky. More importantly, all of these gifts verge on offensive which is something we are always entertained by--the Man Bib is genius. This is the kind of site we wish would be filled with pages and pages of products to cruise. Check out some of our favorites below.

Piglet Bank

This cute little piggy bank will hold all your spare change and scare anyone you bring home from the bar. This live stock bank is a real taxidermied piglet (all pigs used have died of "natural causes") and Cheeky asks for half the money up front as the product takes 12 months to produce. "Designed for anyone who has far too much money and loose change, this is the piggy bank of all piggy banks." At $4000 a pop, yeah we'd say that statement is on par.

Suitcase Stickers

Airport security is the worst. They make you take off your shoes, jewelry and throw away your water bottle before getting through the gates. Why you would want to make your vacation more of a mess is beyond us, however these stickers are kind of hilarious. According to the website, the stickers did not go over so well with Canadian boarder guards and have now been banned for sale in Canada. Sometimes us Canadian's can be such rubes. $15 per sticker.

Tea Bagging T-Bags

"Oh I get it! Because they hang and the dipping." $12 per ball sack.

Hicky Tats

Why else would you suck on someone's neck so hard as to bruise there skin unless you wanted to leave a real statement? Now your bruises can make messages of clear, literate ownership, like a possessive boyfriend with Hoover-like jaws that Speak n' Spell. $10 per 3 tattoos.

The Man Bib

We featured this item on last week's Round-Up, but we couldn't help bringing this little nugget of comedy up again. This dignified cum catcher comes in leather, denim, tartan and High School Musical print and can be folded neatly to fit in any purse or, thanks to the draw string feature, could simply worn underneath one's sweater vest until use is necessary. All fabrics are machine washable--thank God. Only one question remains: is this a solo bib or is it meant to be shared with others? Imagine that circle jerk. $25 per bib.

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