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Youth is fleeting, go ahead and say buh bye

The world is obsessed with youth. And for anyone, it's hard to come to grips with getting older. The Death of Youth is an ongoing photography project that explores giving closure too our youth through art. New photos, which feature young naked women, are constantly added to the gallery addressing this notion.  "When I turned thirty, the fantasy portrayed in these photographs became impossible: the person who lives such a life must be born taller, better-looking, handsome, charming, famous and wealthier than I," photographer Giovanni Lipari says. "This project provided me with closure as I concluded one segment of my life—my youth—and began another. I named this series "Death of Youth" as a testament to growing older and leaving my youth behind."

Although Lipari, is a man and it's hard to feel bad for someone who is bummed they can't act like a rock star and screw young girls anymore, The Death of Youth, retains integrity regardless of sex due to Lipari's level of honesty. When Lipari explores his own inner desires and fantasies (although not always admirable) he had for himself in the throngs of youth, it forces the viewer to look honestly at some of the dreams and fantasies they had for their own lives.

The Death of Youth has grown to include over hundreds of photographs, each series titled with the woman’s name. The most recent addition to The Death of Youth Project is Bianca (shown above) who is splayed out on a bed of white sheets.

See more photos from The Death of Youth project below and the entire project on the website here.

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