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Most of us have seen the fashion cycle go round at least once. Proof: The Scrunchie. We recently talked about how scrunchies were back in style. (We’re baffled it ever disappeared—not only does it double as a bracelet but it doesn’t put kinks in your hair!) Using our crafty mothers lessons from primary school, we present to you, The DIY Scrunchie.

1. Go through that ‘give away bag’ of clothes that has been sitting in the corner of your bedroom since last summer. Choose something that you won’t wear on your back, but can rock in your hair.

2. You will need are: scissors, fabric elastic, a needle and thread, and most importantly some nineties throw back tunes. (We went with Janet Jackson’s Escapade.)

3. Cut a rectangle out of the ‘give away’ you chose. It should be about one and a half feet long and three inches wide.

4. Fold it in half (pattern on the inside) and sew the outside edge together.

5. Turn right side out.

6. Cut the fabric elastic about ten inches long and feed through the ‘tube’ you’ve just created.

7. Tie a tight knot with the end pieces of the elastic. Push the knot into the tube.

8. Sew the two ends of the fabric together.

9. Slap that baby onto your wrist and throw a dance party!!

Note: All necessities (excluding Janet) were purchased at the dollar store.

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