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It's Halloween, and what could be more frightening than a scary story?

After taking a stroll through indie label rosters, perusing the shiny musical stars of tomorrow, a wrong turn opened up a dark underbelly of sounds.  Pieced together like Frankenstein's monster, this new genre called crunkcore is different parts hardcore, hip hop and screamo (a type of music that already exists as a hybrid of itself) and the leading crunkcore band is called BrokenCYDE. Members includes:

  • Se7en (David Gallegos) – screamed vocals, rap vocals (2006–present)
  • Mikl (Mike) – autotune clean vocals (2006–present)
  • Phat J (Jason) – synths, guitars, beats, backup vocals, backup screams (2007–present)
  • Antz (Anthony) – fog machine and lights (2008–present)

This is their video: FREAXX (Yes, that's how "Antz" who "plays" the fog machine spells "freaks.") And this is what August Brown of the Los Angeles Times writes, (ripped from Wikipedia):

"The prerecorded backing tracks and juvenile misogyny of bands such as the New Mexico screamo-crunk act BrokenCYDE are affronts to traditionalist punk values."[18] "This (sic) 'Albucrazy'-based band has done for Myspace Emo what some think Soulja Boy did for hip-hop: turn their career into a kind of macro-performance art that exists so far beyond the tropes of irony and sincerity that to ask 'are they kidding?' is like trying to peel an onion to get to a perceived central core that, in the end, does not exist and renders all attempts to reassemble the pieces futile."

But if the kids like it, the critics who know better but sound off on the academics of rock and roll like sticks in the mud will fall on deaf ears as the radio waves become consumed like zombies eating zombies. Gross.

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