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Is this not the cutest?

If Nightlights are adorable in their very function of offering warmth and comfort to those of us afraid of the dark or the occasional boogie man, then The Good Night Lamp is the crème de la crème of contentment. Not only a shining beacon of nighttime restfulness but, the lamp is also a landline to loved ones globally. The house-shaped lamps (one big one paired with as many little ones as your heart may desire) are connected via internet. When the big lamp turns on or off, the little lamps react accordingly. It's like mom and dad are still living upstairs and heading to bed early.

The lamps are made wood paneling and a large light section. The chimney hosts the button that let’s there be light.

The Good Night Lamps are still in incubation phase. Check out their Kickstarter video below and try not squeal in childlike delight.

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