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Get breast-ucated!

Now let's talk about boobs, and the history of boob comfort, starting with the history of the sports bra otherwise known as the "Jockstrap For Women."

Deadspin has put together A Brief History of the Sports Bra, how it started commercially and how it eventually formed into what we would call today a comfortable sports bra. It starts in 1975, with the "Free Swing Tennis Bra" produced by Glamorise Foundations, which was the first bra available commercially designed for sports. Then the first actual sports bra came in 1977, from Lisa Lindahl, a jogger in who made a list of all the things a "jockstrap for women" would include like no straps falling down, "no poky hardware" and no boob bounce. Eventually Oprah got involved, and the rest is sports bra history.

Read the full history here.

Discovered via: NYmag

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